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About Us

In a parallel universe, where humans are but humble specks of stardust, RUMI, cuddled in the heart of Dubai, has emerged as a hidden gem, sown beneath the Earth's surface. From its twilight inception, RUMI has passionately instilled its individuality with the soliloquy of the renowned poet, Rumi himself:

"Love is the whole thing,
We are only pieces"
Thus we firmly stand as IMMORTAL

A collection curated with love by our artisans that breathes life into the forbidden art of freedom. From our bracelets with colorful and radiant gemstones to our snake-inspired pieces. From delicate, Eastern craftsmanship to bold, statement-making Western designs.
"RUMI has a ROOM for every woman." RUMI owes no territory i.e., it is a cut above the confines of conventional reality. To us, RUMI represents something more profound—a realm that exists 'beyond'...

Boa Collection - Gemaee UAE

"Beyond every stroke we meticulously craft, we forge an art that embodies the essence of forgiveness and freedom.

Beyond the lofty realms of enchanting royalty.

Beyond the manifestation of your boundless energy.

Beyond the intricate depths of the human soul.

Beyond the grandeur of even the average star, the Sun"

  • In essence, RUMI is the curator of a new era, East meets West seamlessly blending modern Western romantic aesthetics with traditional Eastern mystic elements. But, let us not forget that our brand serves as the bridge to a space where every creation aligns with the down-to-earth vivacious nature of selfless love.
  • With a price range tailored for the middle and upper-middle class, we offer most jewelry within the range of 3-4 thousand USD, and special occasion pieces under 8-10 thousand USD.
  • Our packaging, inspired by oriental fairytales, transports you to another zone. Every piece of jewelry is housed in boxes adorned with thorny patterns and vibrant colors, pledging a magical experience from the moment you receive it.
  • At RUMI, we spare no effort in sourcing only the highest quality materials. 
  • Our collection boasts precious and semi-precious 5Gs— rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and pearls; G is gemstone.
  • We handpick metals with precision, including 14K and 18K gold, white gold, and rhodium.
  • Our mission and vision are to make luxury accessible to all without compromising on quality, affordability, or style. 

RUMI laid its first stone by Safiya Mehbaliyeva who is an echo to the society of women entrepreneurs and believes in passing back the same echo through her dedication to fashion and art.
Each piece is a reminder that, like the moon, we too have many phases in our lives, and RUMI's jewelry can be a storyteller of YOUR phase.

Yours truly