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Return & Exchange

Swift Swaps within a Day
RUMI's got your back! You can trade unused online store goodies within the first 24 hours of purchase. Just show us the original receipt.

Easy-Breezy Refunds
Don't fret! We've got a hassle-free return policy for a cool three days from the purchase date. Just make sure what you're sending back is in tip-top, unused condition. Sale items, though, are off the refund table.

Exchange and Refund Roadmap
Need guidance? Head to our official website to kickstart your exchange or refund journey.

Receipts Rule
To make your exchanges and refunds a breeze, keep that original receipt handy.

Smooth 3-Day Returns
Enjoy a seamless return process within three days of your purchase, and you'll get a full refund.

Online Order Tweaks
You've got control! You can cancel or tweak your orders until they hit the "Processed" stage in our online system. For the rest, just wait for the goods and follow our returns process.

No Copyright on Website Use
Just a heads-up, using our website doesn't give you any ownership rights. So, no copying or sharing our content without permission.

Protecting Our Intellectual Property
Our website, our rules. Unauthorized reproduction or content sharing is a no-go.

Content Accuracy
We strive for perfection, but oopsies happen. Make sure to have up-to-date virus-checking software for online safety.

User-Created Content
What you create, we might use – fair warning! We can republish your user-generated content for various purposes.

Third-Party Links
We might have links to other websites, but we're not responsible for their content, accuracy, or availability.

Product Descriptions
We do our best with product descriptions, but your monitor might give you a different perspective on colors and quality.

Limited Liability
We're not on the hook for any damage to your computer, gear, or property from using our site or downloading content.

Protecting Us
Users, please defend, indemnify, and keep us and our peeps out of trouble. Legal fees aren't fun.

The Final Word
These website terms are the boss when it comes to using our website and making purchases.

No Business Partnership
Just to be clear, these terms don't mean we're in business together. No agency, partnership, or joint venture here.

No Surrender
If we don't enforce our rights right away, it doesn't mean we're giving up on them.

Legal But Not Illegal
If some part of these terms isn't valid, the rest still holds.

Copyright and Trademark
Our intellectual property is protected by copyright and trademark rights. Sharing or using it without permission is a no-no.

No Website Guarantees
We can't promise our website will always work perfectly, be fit for every use, or run without hiccups.

These terms are available in both English and Arabic. If they clash, English wins.

Disputes and Governing Laws
If there's a problem, we'll sort it out under the laws of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai. Dubai's courts have the final say.